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Pain Control

Sports Medicine and Shoulder/Elbow Pain Medicine Guidelines for Patients

Your surgeon appreciates that your surgery can be painful and cause you significant discomfort as you start on the road to recovery. We try to balance this knowledge with a healthy respect for how addictive and dangerous some prescription pain medicines can be. Several researchers in the University of Utah Orthopaedic Trauma section have been working on these issues for over ten years now and have published extensively on the topic. Opiate (the active ingredient in hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, oxycontin) overdose kills 42,000 Americans per year; and of the individuals in opiate addiction rehabilitation, 92% report that they started abusing opiates with a medicine prescribed to them by a doctor or medical professional.

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Post-Operative Videos

Knee Videos

  • Knee Range of Motion

  • Preop and Postop Exercises for the knee

  • Proper application of Knee Immobilizer

  • Proper use of crutches on stairs

  • Proper use of Crutches

Shoulder Videos

  • External Rotation

  • Internal Rotation of the Shoulder, ROM measurements

  • Forward Elevation of the Shoulder, ROM measurements

  • Proper application of the Ultrasling 4


  • OPSITES Application of waterproof bandages